Research part of the Social Artist Framework #htb2013

I got a bit distracted there with housekeeping/community stuff. Back to the thing I was thinking about business model frameworks.

If you’re not familiar with my work (or even if you are but you’re not sure what I’m talking about) then have a poke around this bunch of links.

So for me, the bit that I call “social art & research” is the core. This is the art I make, the adventures I have, the communities I help to form, the ideas that I play out in the real world, the way I show people things that they hadn’t seen before or hadn’t thought of before.

For you this is *your art*, that may be painting, or making electronic gadgets, or writing software that makes cool things happen on the internet, or playing in a band, or getting people together to talk about the future. For the purposes of this series, it doesn’t matter *what* we do, it’s important that we do it and we can’t help doing it and we just keep doing it no matter whether we’re being paid or not.

I call it research because I usually start out with some hypothesis about the world and then I think about how I might work with groups of people on or off the internet to help test those hypotheses. Or else I have an idea of something I want to do and then realise that actually there’s some hypothesis underlying it that would be interesting to test. I do both. A lot of the time it can be described as “just trying something out to see what will happen if”.

It’s activity. It has some outcome (see hypothesis testing above). I usually write *about* it while I’m doing it, but sometimes I write stuff up afterwards (I always think I should do this more). It usually involves other people. It’s often going on while I’m doing the rest of my life. In fact it’s sometimes indistinguishable from me “doing the rest of my life”.

Building a business model around “the rest of my life” seems to be an interesting thing to do.

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