Standing on a chair playing ukulele #afp #lazyweb

So today in my tumblr stream I saw Amanda Palmer doing her ninja gig thing in NZ:

and it reminded me of this (photo CC BY-NC by Benjamin Ellis)

Lloyd on Uke

And I thought “maybe this is a thing, given the portability of ukuleles, lots of people must do this, it can’t just be me and Ms Palmer, I wonder where there are other pics of people performing to a crowd while standing on a chair/bench/box”. Also I thought “I’m glad I grew a beard.”

My initial searches for ukulele-crowd-domination on Google images failed so I’m turning it over to you #lazyweb find me material for a new tumblr called which is now open for submissions



3 thoughts on “Standing on a chair playing ukulele #afp #lazyweb”

  1. Can you start another tumblr “people sitting on chairs playing a ukele”?

    Then I could contribute these.


    Though I don’t really get tumblr.

  2. Hmmm… I think there’s something important about the elevation. Also the exclusiveness of the juxtaposition. You could obviously find lots of people playing ukulele and lots of people standing on chairs (though Health & Safety rules probably have diminished them) but not the combination of the two!

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