an explanation of #diffused

I made this on the bus and posted it to instagram.


I got a new phone last week and I haven’t got a proper case or screenguard for it yet, so I’m keeping it in the plastic sleeve that it was packaged in. This is what the view from the top of a 28 bus just at the Bridgend Rd stop about to cross Wandsworth Bridge looks like through that plastic cover.

It’s got me thinking about using real, physical filters on a phone camera instead of software manipulation.

Standing on a chair playing ukulele #afp #lazyweb

So today in my tumblr stream I saw Amanda Palmer doing her ninja gig thing in NZ:

and it reminded me of this (photo CC BY-NC by Benjamin Ellis)

Lloyd on Uke

And I thought “maybe this is a thing, given the portability of ukuleles, lots of people must do this, it can’t just be me and Ms Palmer, I wonder where there are other pics of people performing to a crowd while standing on a chair/bench/box”. Also I thought “I’m glad I grew a beard.”

My initial searches for ukulele-crowd-domination on Google images failed so I’m turning it over to you #lazyweb find me material for a new tumblr called which is now open for submissions