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an explanation of #diffused

I made this on the bus and posted it to instagram.


I got a new phone last week and I haven’t got a proper case or screenguard for it yet, so I’m keeping it in the plastic sleeve that it was packaged in. This is what the view from the top of a 28 bus just at the Bridgend Rd stop about to cross Wandsworth Bridge looks like through that plastic cover.

It’s got me thinking about using real, physical filters on a phone camera instead of software manipulation.

The Overland Project

15012009834Back in Mayfair this week, just round the corner from the squat…

We went along to the opening of The Overland Project, an exhibition by Sara Haq based on her trip last year overland from London to Thailand. She and Michael Chaplin reported on a blog and via twitter on their way, but the Alexia Goethe gallery in Dover St is hosting a show of a selection of the thousands of photographs she took during the trip.

The gallery was absolutely packed upstairs and down- but I caught a couple of minutes with Sara out of the private view frenzy to hear a little bit more about it all.

Download mp3 (2.5MB)