make something every day – make photos 001

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that today was “Make Photos”. I can do that. I feel good about my photography. I’ve been doing it for a very long time. I mean, I suppose, technically, I’ve been writing longer, but it doesn’t feel like that and I’m just much more comfortable with an open brief to “Make Photos” than to “Write”.

So it felt like a bit of a day off. I just grabbed images when they came to me and when they didn’t, I went out with my eyes open for them. It reminds me that it’s a feeling that I enjoy, the disconnection from the normal folk and the madness of the world to just look at what is in front of me and decide whether it’s something I want to record or whether there’s a different way of looking at it than usual.


I don’t like talking about what they might mean – same with all the work really – I don’t know what they (should) mean to you, they were just there today and called to me.

On the other hand there are some things in there because they’re interesting to me and I want to know more. There’s the plaque on the Telephone Exchange that shows that that bit of it was built in 1937, which is the year my dad was born. The box that the candles came in, from Andrew’s dad’s garage, I think held 2 dozen 15 3/4oz cans and has some interesting instructions for turning the box into a display stand and some sort of standards certificate on the base, which might have research and blogging potential.

For some reason, I took some random snaps of food in Waitrose – “something, something, climate crisis, unsustainable food supply chain, something, we’re fucked”.

And then there’s the mix of peeling paint and derelict ground with plants growing on it and bits of pavement and walls that you might not notice unless you went out with your photographer’s eyes in.


A note to self though that there’s another job to do on editing, cropping and choosing ones to share – making photos is more than just pointing and shooting. They’re taking a while to upload to Flickr, but soon they should all be here Make Something Every Day #1

A good day.