#IWD2016 Roundtable with @technokitten @katielips @the_anke @anjali28 @hampstead17

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Helen Keegan and I spent International Women’s Day interviewing women (and some men) in tech (and other sectors!) in London about their experience of gender in the workplace and where we’re at with equality. We’re releasing the audio as podcasts over the next couple of days with minimal editing. We will produce a digest of all the conversations later in the week.

We started the day with a group in the boardroom at Z/Yen (thanks to Linda for opening up for us!)

You’ll hear about:

Income parity; Unconscious biases; Using “feminine” skills and attributes; Alternative ways of working and earning a living; Attitudes in younger generations; The importance of gender-neutral parenting; Government’s attitude to work and women; International examples of progress; Some individual thoughts on pledges for parity and what we’re going to do in future.

Women’s work #IWD2016

I don’t work for free, that’s a firm rule.  But when Helen asked me to help with making a series of podcasts with women in tech for International Women’s Day, I said yes without hesitation.

I’m proud of the work we did today, all of us, in collaboration.  I know that you’ll get great value out of listening to the stories of the women we met and worked with.

But whatever the financial value, whatever I might have been paid ordinarily for a day like today can only represent a tiny, tiny fraction of the value of unpaid physical and emotional labour as well as financial support given to me by the women whose homes and lives I’ve shared over the years, support which continues to today.

Thank you, all of you, mother and sister, grandmothers and aunts, girlfriends and wives, I love you all.