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Podcast: Nathalie Richards of @edukitters & Jane van Aken of @cabapp #IWD2016

Download (15MB)

Jane started in nursing and healthcare management and then changed course to join CabApp to do business development. Nathalie worked at Accenture, KPMG and Apple before founding her social enterprise EduKit which helps school find youth service support for pupils.

You’ll hear about their journeys in their respective careers, their experience of pay inequality, Jane’s idea of #ThisWomanCan to help bring women back to work in ways they might not first think of, the barriers girls and women face in technology, how language is used to treat men and women differently in the workplace, systemic and institutional prejudice, and some top tips for women helping themselves, finding helpful peers and mentors as well as a round up of their thoughts for the future.

Helen Keegan and I spent International Women’s Day interviewing women (and some men) in tech (and other sectors!) in London about their experience of gender in the workplace and where we’re at with equality. We’re releasing the audio as podcasts over the next couple of days with minimal editing. We will produce a digest of all the conversations later in the week.