BlogWalk IV

Friday was BlogWalk IV day – a cosmopolitan (is there any other kind) grouping of bloggers talking about Social Software inside the firewall
Through the Window Wiki

Others have variously noted who was there, so I won’t.

A hugely stimulating (& therefore totally knackering) day. I came away confirmed in my intention to write something about:

  • fear of the authentic voice
  • if it’s not about the technology, what is it really about?
  • the requirement for new social institutions to help people take part in the knowledge economy
  • the use and usefulness of days like this one and River Cafe
  • Many people have said that they particularly enjoyed the actual walking bit and our brief visit to the British Museum. As a London-based person who’s become used/bored already with the glory of the Great Court, it was refreshing to see a bunch of people reacting to it for the first time. One minute I was walking & talking with Desiree & Omar and the next, they were transported, gobsmacked and thrilled – it showed.

    This pic shows the other side of the Window Wiki – whatever they were doing in there, they were working damned hard!