Old Ghosts and Happy Memories

To the Audit Commission‘s new offices in Millbank Tower for lunch today with Megan Meredith. Waiting in the space age reception I managed to say hello to Cathy Coyle and Bryn Morris, both of whom were relieved to be this side of the huge office move. Megan and I chatted over lunch about knowledge management at the Commission and how much has (and hasn’t) changed since I was there.

In the cafe we went to, bumped into Lisa Newton so popped upstairs to see her after lunch – the Taxonomy project lives on and has been implemented in the intranet, but is now being reviewed to make even more usable. Dropped by John Sandhu’s desk who revealed that he’s and avid (comparatively speaking) Perfect Path reader and had been particularly enamoured of my “100 posts I’ve never really written, but will when I get time”. I urged him to comment on the post which one he’d most like to hear.

I sneaked into the Tate on my way back to the office and found a room to sit in that wasn’t full of excited schoolchildren. Before I knew it, my sketchbook was in my hand and the following scene emerged so I had a longer stay than originally planned.

Wednesday afternoon, Tate Britain

Btw, the bird trying on the crown is my murky reproduction of John Singer Sargent’s Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth