New Workshop Idea

A workshop/course/event/need-that-I-could-fill thing is forming in my brain.

The potential punters are – anyone who struggles with the difficulty of working in an organisation, anyone who feels that they haven’t quite got what they need, and no matter how many times they try to do what they know is the right thing to do, they hit a brick wall (a cultural one usually)

The basic ingredients are:

1. Coming to accept and understand how the world has changed, but business hasn’t caught up yet. That brain has replaced brawn and that looking after your brain, using it to make new stuff and connecting it to other brains is the name of the game. That while we continue to manage organisations in the same way that we learned to manage coal mines, steel mills, and automobile production lines, we will continue to hurt inside.

2. Celebrating and nurturing your own creative ability and that of others as the number one neglected bit of knowledge work. Exploring how to do this in whatever medium rings your bell.

3. Learning to be comfortable with the new tools (the old-new tools of browsers, websites and search engines, the new-new tools of blogs, wikis and social networking and whatever is coming just around the corner)

Any takers? How long would you like to spend on this – is it a day, a week, a lifetime? How much would you pay for a day of it?