After Soho to Westminster proved popular yesterday, I did another, shorter, walk today from London Waterloo, across Hungerford Bridge to Charing Cross, chatting to myself as I went.

I’m experimenting with taking pictures as I go – particularly to find the best way of sharing them. I’ve put them up on flickr with the first picture taken at 4 minutes into the audio and you can click along if you’re at your computer or check them out at another time if you’re listening while on the move yourself.

I’d like to know if this works, and if not where it falls down.

I’ve also put the photos in a flickr set that points back here.

4 thoughts on “Podwalking”

  1. Cool coincidence.. I did a soundseeing tour of a market in Amsterdam last weekend and I used flickr. A bit different than yours… but I really enjoyed yours as well. Oh.. and Ive also noticed we’re both aquaintences of Lilia.. very cool.


  2. Thanks Mark, I really enjoyed your tour too. I caught it on Sunday when I’d just got back from doing my first one with pictures (Waterloo to Charing Cross) – tried to comment on your blog at the time but it went horribly wrong for some reason.

    I’m still amazed by the connections you can make in the blogo/podo-sphere – yeah, cool is the word!

    I’m looking forward to hearing another one from you.

  3. Lloyd, Love the sound seeing tours! I think your really defining the medium. I love being in London vicariously through you. I don’t get there nearly enough.
    May I suggest another tour? I don’t know where you live, but a tour of Hamstead Heath at night would be good or Barnes? Perhaps a Pub Crawl of sorts. A great adventure is to be had between the Dove on the Thames and Cheswick–say, starting at The Anglesea Arms for dinner. Perfect Spring walk, or a weekend lunch tour.
    Anyway–keep it up!

  4. Neal, thanks very much for the comment and for your suggestion.

    The choice of tour location largely depends on where I happen to be – I kind of squeeze it into other things I’m doing in my already overfull life, and that usually is in central London. I like the idea of a walk by the river (& I know what you mean about that stretch way out west!) I’ll certainly bear it in mind and I’m certainly keeping it up – you should find a new one very soon.

    Thanks for listening!

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