4 thoughts on “Bank Tube to Aldgate Tube (overground)”

  1. I think to be exact, you’d probably have to be listening to my podcast, in rewind (and walk backwards too!) but hey this sounds good enough to me.Thanks for listening and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. I enjoyed the tour. One question. What is the “erotic gherkin”? I’ve seen it in pictures before but no one knows what it is other than the “gherkin” Is it an office building? What is the name of the building?
    Thank for your time.

  3. Hi Mark, good to hear from you. It’s actually called the Swiss Re building (an insurance company). It’s built on the site of the Baltic Exchange which was bombed by the IRA in the nineties. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, some wag dubbed it the “erotic gherkin” when they saw the plans and the name got out and stuck.

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