Podcasting…complicated???? Do me a favour!

Om Malik says podcasting’s very complicated. I disagree. In my experience, this is how simple it is to be a podcaster.

1. Have an idea – now I see how that might cause problems, but if we take it one day at a time most of us can manage that eventually.

2. Next, the really hard bit you have to say the idea out loud while running a piece of audio software and save your idea in an mp3 file – mmmm… not really much more complicated than typing in an OpenOffice text doc and then saving in MS Word format while talking to someone else on the phone – do it all the time.

3. ftp your file up to a host – been using ftp for longer than… well.. http anyway.

4. Blog about it, using whatever new and interesting ways your blogging software handles adding said file as an enclosure to your rss 2.0 with enclosures feed.

5. Sit back and wait for the donations to flood into your tip jar as millions of people suddenly get what a cool and interesting (and to be honest, damn sexy) person you really are.



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