From the gmail of Lloyd Davis

This is a round-up of some of the cool things that have landed in my mailbox so far this week:

BicycleMark – the Amsterdam podwalker and communique-er extraordinaire, let me know that my feedburner feed didn’t have enclosures. So now it does.

Christian d’Hoste sent me his flickr-seeing tour of Florida post hurricane and his regular podcast, for which we must find a home.

Effern McSchmeefern (sp? mmmmm… may not be his real name) from The Vision Thing (somewhere deep in the heart of Texas I think) asked if he could use the podcasting is easy clip I did this week and in the process introduced me to his great business podcast – Sound of Vision (subscribe) I like it a lot.

and finally Neal Foley on Rock Island, WA has set up Pod chef blog and podcast where he is cooking with gas, baby – this week a mouthwatering corned beef hash with cabbage in a mustard sauce. Neal’s a professional chef, taking the format that I used for my curry-cast but putting his own inimitable stamp on it. He’s starting this on a real shoestring budget and because he’s way out off the coast of Washington state he’s doing it all over a 56k dial-up connection – now that’s commitment to podcasting folks! If you enjoy what you hear and want to support him in doing more I’m sure that Neal won’t mind though if you throw some tips in his paypal tipjar. And of course, if you’re anywhere in the Pacific North-West region and you need someone a bit different to cater for a big do – then what better than a podcasting chef!

Phew – now give me more, people, bring it on, I can take it!!

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2 thoughts on “From the gmail of Lloyd Davis”

  1. I was going to mention your lack of enclosures myself, but at the time I was lacking them myself. . . one doesn’t like to seem to notice anothers dangling enclosures too much. . . .
    Hope you are fine after your spill and thanks for the plug above!

  2. The thing was, that I’d completely forgotten that I’d made the feed available and it didn’t occur to me that people might be looking at it for enclosures.

    If you see anything dangling in future, please let me know, I might know already, but I’d rather have my shortcomings pointed out to me than I go blindly marching on thinking that all is well in my little world.

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