Podwalker takes a tumble



Just went out to get some lunch, walking through Stratford High St in East London, IT conversations on the player – Marc Canter talking about ourmedia.org and the internet archive – wow this is coo… BAMMM, strange floating sensation followed by face and knees scraping along pavement and then small birds twittering around my head.

My first reaction? Oh no here comes someone looking very concerned who wants to look after me – real playground stuff, “No, I’m alright, no really, thank you very much ” [limps off manfully, little tear on cheek]

Turns out I put one foot into a loop of discarded plastic tape (the stuff that holds boxes of photocopier paper together) and either put the other foot in it too or stepped on it with the other foot thus upending myself.

Pictures later – ie after the bleeding slows, but before my pride gets re-inflated. [update – no chance of ego reflation – kids way too amused]

Now if I’d been recording instead of listening….



5 thoughts on “Podwalker takes a tumble”

  1. Doug – I can’t think of a podcast that I’d rather fall on the ground while listening to. I’m very happy to do endorsements on this basis if you should so require viz “It knocked me out”, “Well blow me down if IT Conversations isn’t the hot-darndest podcast on the block”, “Doug Kaye bring us another trippy IT Conversation…” etc.

  2. I always knew Mr. Canter’s soliloquies had the potential for significant collateral damage — now finally, PROOF!

    Doug Kaye: you should be more careful when podcasting Marc… don’t you know his voice is registered in 3 states as a deadly weapon?!?

    – dave mc

  3. Thank you BM – my face is practically back to “normal”, the most annoying thing is the bits that I cannot shave – not just scabby now, but hairy too (oh I’m sorry, were you just having lunch?)

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