Perfect Path Audioblog 050518

gnomedexI asked for it, and I got it. The other day I asked how you saw me and this morning in my mailbox, Neal, the Podchef, had deposited some photoshop delights. I reproduce the one that made me (and my daughter) laugh out loud for your delectation.

This morning I talk
a bit about last night’s pianosingsongcast and what else I got up to yesterday – together with what I have planned for today. You also get to hear how much it costs me for one month’s unlimited use of London’s splendid public transport system. Tune in next time to hear me reading from my weekly grocery till receipt!

What I didn’t talk about, was my listening fun yesterday: the cool soundseeing tour that Neal put out of him scrambling around in storage space and BicycleMark’s AudioCommunique #34 on philosophy and the connectedness of being.

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  1. Aw. . .shucks. . . .one does what one can. . . .In truth, I *did* send you choices. As this is how I see myself, though–it is my favorite of the bunch.

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