So what’s this got to do with Knowledge Management?

As it says up above, Perfect Path is a knowledge management consulting practice. So what’s with all this stuff about blogs and podcasts?

Well to me, knowledge management (see the sidebar for why I think it’s just management) is about how organisations and the individuals working in them:

  • create new ideas;
  • find & evaluate ideas from elsewhere;
  • spread ideas about;
  • save ideas for later;
  • find ideas that they made earlier; and
  • work out new ways of dealing with all of these things

This site is my way of exploring those things for myself on a daily basis. And it’s becoming a cool showcase for how such things work – if I can get my ideas out to loads of people then maybe I can help you do it too.

My experience with clients is that some of the big problems come in the “spread ideas about” bit and I think blogs and podcasts are great ways of doing that (and above all they are sooooo much cheaper to implement than the gazillions you may already be spending on other IT systems).

So if you’re having difficulty with getting your ideas heard, whether it’s called “knowledge management” or “internal communications” or “personal development” do give me a shout and lets talk about how I can help.

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