Beep Marketing – a conversation with Helen Keegan

After the most frustrating will they? won’t they? since the Gold Blend couple, Helen Keegan talks with me (behind Franklin D Roosevelt’s back) about how she got where she is today and what’s up in the world of mobile marketing including what she’s doing to make sure it’s more about the user experience than the size of your server. Features an excellent example of Helen’s outstanding CV and client-list recitation skills and a snatch of the theme tune to Bod.


8 thoughts on “Beep Marketing – a conversation with Helen Keegan”

  1. The Bod tune is a perfect soundtrack to life. If only we could all find a big bowl of strawberries and cream down evey self-centered, obsessively searched for hole we fall down.

  2. Great conversation–very thought provoking. Good commentary on social behaviour–we’re all looking for that “love” that comes to us several times a day via email, rss. sms. . . . I would so love to get sale items, etc, based on criteria I pre-approve, sent to me the minute I walk into a shop–no more paper flyers to fly all over the place, or coupons to remember–they would come to my mobile. Hey, tube announcements could be served too–above ground as you pass near the entrance, flash–delays on Northern Line, so your not stuck on tube between Borough and Bank for an hour. I only wish we Yanks would get on the ball with all of this as well. I think there will be several hurdles to jump over–namely the wired phone co.s–before Mobile Marketing could take off here, but with user selected discretion, say via a website, I think it would be fantastic.

  3. Ah but I have absolute power, and now you just seem to be apologising for nothing!

    Listening back, your point occurred to me too – this was a very UK-centred conversation, it’s easy to forget that there is one tech area (other than podcasting of course…titter) where we’re doing more innovative stuff than in the States.

  4. Thanks Alex, I keep going to your site and thinking Oooh I must subscribe to smallbizpod and then forgetting. Your comment has prompted me to put it straight into my ipodder – thanks! Looking forward to meeting you at the Geek Dinner on 7th.

  5. Lloyd

    I’m looking forward to the Geek Dinner too and to meeting you. The way it has grown into a quite some event in such short order is extraordinary, but exciting.

    I had an amusing thought about podcasting the event – select another podcaster and do a simultaneous podcast answering the same questions at the same time – rather like a high-tech Two Ronnies sketch 😉

  6. Fresh Idea–be sure to forward all royalties. . . .–this was mentioned on an article about ME: how about a podcast sent to a mobile suggesting dinner ideas on ones way home. Probably not a great hit in the vast, wasteland that is the US. But, blokes and blokesses strolling by Sainsbury, Marks and Sparks, or Tesco at teatime might hear the Bod jingle on their phone and have the Naked Podchef suggest a few menu options based on relevant produce, etc in the stalls at that moment. Not exactly a podcast, but the day has got to be around the corner. . . .

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