Sushiradio: one sushi a day keeps the doctor away!

That’s what Thomas believes and I think it’s certainly worth a try. But then as one of the early contributors, I would wouldn’t I?

Meet the sushradio gang – they’re German, Geeky (in a Good way) and errr… they’re…. a Gang (and they’re all so good looking). I’m really looking forward to hearing something from bicyclemark there but it’s really easy to make something suitable, it just has to be 3-6 minutes long and have interesting information about someplace anywhere in the world – how hard can that be? Go on, have a go yourself – you can send links to your 3 minute tidbits for the ears to

I’ve resolved to make my next contribution shorter and louder (well my voice, anyway) but no less informative. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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