A new Perfect Path blogchild

Peter Martin of Junkk.com is blogging. A couple of weeks ago, he hardly knew what a blog was. Then he took his company to Internetworld and while on the stand got talking to Geoff Jones and came and heard my talk on blogging & marketing.

I could tell he got it, but wasn’t sure if he’d actually do it this fast.

He writes, naturally enough, on re-use, re-cycling and anthing else re- he can think of . Go taste, and leave him a comment to let him know who sent you.

Mmmm… nice RSS

Maybe now that RSS has come of age these are past their sell-by date, or maybe it’s just the right time to ride the wave, or maybe they’re not nearly as funny as I think they are.

Whatever. They made me laugh as I made them. Take the idea, riff on it, if you like. I release them under the usual creative commons by-nc-sa licence so you can put them on t-shirts, postcards, mugs, posters, pocket-patches, whatever you like, just tell folk where you got it, don’t try to make a buck out of them (without asking first) and pass them on in the same spirit as they’re given – you can get jpegs of each on my photostream at flickr and a pdf with all three from here.

UPDATE: The podchef made one of his own already. Not only that, but there’s a t-shirt too!

UPDATE II: If you can’t be RSS-ed to do it yourself, you can always purchase a ready-made print/t-shirt/mug/postcard

NB: due to the current exchange rate and shipping costs purchases in US$ might be prohibitively high. This weekend probably isn’t the best time to remind my American readers that if only their ancestors had done what they were told and paid their taxes, they could still be British and it’d be easer for them to buy British and therefore they would be much happier all round 😉

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