Open Tech 2005

open tech 2005God what a geekfest. The upside of today was that I got to hear people more obsessed with media hacking and social software than I am – talking tech. The downside was that personal hygiene isn’t high on the agenda for quite a few members of this community. I came away not sure whether my head was aching from brain-overload or the heady mix of sweaty NTK t-shirts and Asda’s own-brand deodorant.

I got to the venue, at the back of Charing Cross Hospital, more quickly and easily than I thought, so had time to go and stock up on mineral water, which helped with the headache.

Cool stuff I saw/heard about was:

Science Commons – like Creative Commons…only for science.

Openstreetmap – which seems to be gathering momentum, though it still has a lot of usability issues.

Podzilla – using Linux on an iPod with applications including a video player player and a ZXSpectrum emulator.

MythTV – open source PVR – including new feeds for weather and TV schedules and, I almost forgot, Matthew Somerville’s very excellent ‘diff’ for BBC News frontpage

That’s not to say the other stuff wasn’t cool, but a lot of it just went over my head.

I took some time out in the afternoon (I’m getting on, you know), which turned out to be a great opportunity to sit and chat with the fragrant Gia Milinovich about the cool work she’s doing, and about podcasting and television and all.

I then went in and listened to my final session with a nice summary from Tom Reynolds on how to blog without losing your job, Paul Mutton on Social Network Analysis based on inferences drawn from IRC conversations and Paul Lenz who is following up Who should you vote for? with What shall I read next? (He also threw a novel out into the audience which I caught – I started reading it on the way home…it’s crap)

After which, I really couldn’t take any more and escaped to the relative fresh air of the Fulham Palace Road.

Too late for linking, piccies or tags.