Serpentine reflections

live8 gateHere’s an audioblog from Sunday afternoon.

I walked along the south-west side of the Serpentine, starting off just past the Lido. You’ll hear Canada geese and possibly moorhens as well as the usual varieties of tourist to be found in Hyde Park on Sunday. It’s a kind of pause for breath after the spurt of activity over the last couple of weeks.

Later, I took some photographs of the Live8 site which was still largely enclosed, but with some gaps in the fencing. They’re on my flickr photostream with the tag postlive8.

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Smallbizpodder adopts diversification strategy

Alex Bellinger (he of the excellent SmallBizPod – small business podcast, inventor of simultaneous podcasting and owner of a hairy wotsit) has a new personal blog called Verbalism.

I think it’s personal in the sense that it’s not the smallbizpod business blog as I haven’t seen anything (yet) about Alex’s cat, crushes on his English teacher nor the size of his hairy wotsit, but it’s still early days.

Alex is a little worried that in the age of ubiquitous RSS you might not get to see verbalism in all it’s shiny clean newness, so I encourage you to go over there and prove him wrong by trampling all over his comments.