A tale of two geek dinners

On 24th April the London Girl Geeks got together in the Pitcher and Piano, Broadgate. Usual rules, no boys allowed without an invite from a girl geek. Helen Duguid spoke about Women in Technology – I didn’t get to hear any of it because of the packedness of the room and the poor acoustic. Free entry, free drinks.

On May 1st, Marc Canter regaled a Geek Dinner downstairs at the Polar Bear in Lisle Street with his vision for digital lifestyle aggregators, interconnected social networks and microformats. I did get to hear what Marc said and I heartily applaud his initiative. £5 entry, cash bar.

I shot video at both gigs. Looking back at them I was struck by the contrast and so instead of boring you with separate efforts I mashed them together.

See what you think the similarities and differences are.

Btw, using YouTube to host this one – let me know if you like it better this way (mac users might even be able to see this one!)

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