Creative & Cultural Skills Lunch

Yesterday, policyunplugged organised a lunch on behalf of Creative and Cultural Skills for a dozen or so people from the creative industries to come together in preparation for a series of consultation events in early June. The consultation is on the 14-19 Creative & Media diploma, one of the new specialised diplomas being developed as part of the Government’s curriculum reforms.

ccs-ac ccs-jc
ccs-ap ccs-sb

The hope is that the diploma will blend together classroom based education and applied learning in project-based, realistic situations providing a more relevant qualification for students of all abilities.

We’re helping with the consultation process to try to bring young people, educators, industry representatives and parents together in conversation. Having done my share of consultation response analysis, I think this is a great opportunity to do something different, richer and probably more meaningful than just asking people for written submissions.

To support this, policyunplugged are providing a group blog (to which I’ll be contributing – will link here once it’s up) to get started and then some social conferences in early June to see what a broader range of people think.

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