1-man media empire meets media empire’s #1 man

Yesterday, Debbie and I went along to EMI Music with Al Tickell of Creative & Cultural Skills to talk to their head honcho Tony Wadsworth.

We made the first of a series of podcast interviews with industry people to support the consultation process being facilitated by Policy Unplugged on the proposed Creative & Media 14-19 Diploma.

As well as letting us know what he thinks the music business needs from young people, Tony also gave us an insight into how he got into the business himself. Though he didn’t go into this much detail.

[There will be pics and video from this meeting too, but sadly my laptop didn’t make it all the way home with me last night. Lost or stolen is not quite clear yet, but either way it’s put a slight delay on processing the video while I procure a 4-pin/6-pin firewire cable. grrr….]