Quiet? QUIET????

If it’s quiet on this blog of late, the partial explanation is twitter.

It’s kinda diverting the energy that usually goes into blogging. It is a temporary diversion as I’ve also got some big posts to get out too, but they might come slowly over the festive season.

So if you’re pining for Lloyd-related updates, come and join me here: http://www.twitter.com/LloydDavis sign-up, add me as a friend and wa-hey! Xmas 2006 will be remembered as “that time we’d just started twittering”.

[ha ha! Just got back and realised i hadn’t switched from ‘draft’ to ‘publish’ now that’s what i call *quiet*]


3 thoughts on “Quiet? QUIET????”

  1. Do you think somebody should create a messaging site called quitter for people that just give up on things and never finish what they st…

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