To Southby or not to Southby

Well it didn’t come as a great surprise but I got confirmation yesterday that my panel about Tuttle2Texas (last year’s trip) has not been accepted in the (pretty much) final round of selection for the South By South West Interactive Festival.

I don’t know the reason it wasn’t selected.  Obviously with the large numbers of entries, there isn’t any specific feedback.  I can only assume that “they” don’t get “it” – I’ve not gone through the accepted panels and done any rigorous analysis on which British panels were chosen and anything I say looks like sour grapes anyway.

So it raises a question or two:  Why do I still have Austin as a stopping place in the middle of the plan.  Do I need to go to Austin? Was I only going to speak?  Is it too much of a constraint?  What could I do that was interesting in Austin without going to SXSWi?  What could I do elsewhere in the states at the same time as SXSWi that would still be connected but not actually being there?  Why am I going in March if it’s not tied in with being in Austin for March 11th to 15th?  What is the trip called if I don’t go to Texas?


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