Visions of Collaboration

Today after Tuttle, we watched Brazil, the Terry Gilliam film that contains a cameo from Robert De Niro as Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer and Freelance Subversive who gave our club its name.

I’ve already said that I will start showing classic road movies in the New Year in the run up to Tuttle2Texas2, but I’d like to propose another movie-watching idea more directly connected with the mission of the Centre.

I will confirm timings after Christmas, but the idea is this: to watch, in a group, a film that tells the story of a famous collaboration and then to hold a conversation afterwards reflecting on what we, as a group, have learned or what ideas it sparked in us.

How about it?  What would you like to see?  My first choice is The Great Escape, but I’m wondering if there are good ones about The Manhattan Project, the US Space program or from further back, pyramid or cathedral building – preferably where collaboration is the central theme of the film, rather than just a backdrop – any ideas?

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