Journal Racing Prototype

As I mentioned when talking about racing earlier, I'm going to run a prototype version in the UK starting next week.  Just to see how it works really.

I will be giving out 3 empty journals/notebooks in stamped self-addressed jiffy bag with intended "final" destinations of Edinburgh, Liverpool and Penzance

This is a first draft of the instructions that I'll put in each book – your comments and insights are welcome – please let me know if you think I've missed something obvious.

If you receive this package:

on or after 31st January 2011; or
in {the intended final destination} before 31st January 2011; or
there is only room for one more entry, regardless of the date

then please add an entry as described below, put the book in the jiffy bag, seal the jiffy bag and pop it in the post.


Please do:
Start a new page for your entry.
Put your name, today's date and your location, preferably a postcode (the first part only will do eg BS1, W14 etc) at the top of the page.
Write and/or draw something about you and your day
Pass it on to someone you know who is closer to the intended destination
Keep it moving, if you can let it go again within a day that would be best.

Please don't:
Abandon the package in a public place assuming someone else will pick it up
Just take it straight there – this is about a human-scale journey, not necessarily efficiency.
Hold on to it for more than a couple of days maximum.
Add anything else to the package that will increase the postage.
Modify the packaging so that it can't be posted.

Thanks for taking part!

If you wish to, and if you are on twitter, please tweet when and where you pass the package and include the hashtag #journalraceuk

Again, only if you wish to, e-mail a picture of yourself with the package and/or any thoughts on the project to

If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, give me a call on 079191 82825 or e-mail lloyd.davis@gmail.comOriginally posted on Tuttle2Texas2


There's a nice little side exhibit at Tate Britain on Turner's use of Colour and Line.  It includes this descriptive panel which caught my eye in relation to this project.

Some thoughts:

What was tourism like in the early 19th Century?  How did these travels work?

The story of the journey itself is secondary to the things that get made as a result of the journey.

For those who need to know purpose: "to gather (visual) material to use as an inspiration for … finished works"Originally posted on Tuttle2Texas2