First Confirmed Partner: Touchnote

My main job at the moment is getting sponsorship to help support me on the trip.  This takes the form of cash, to make sure I’m not penniless when I enter the USA and can pay my bills while I’m away and products and services that will help me create an interesting experience for people following along online or off-.

I’m glad to say that the first partnership agreed is with Touchnote, who make and send cards for you based on your own photographs or designs (they also have ready-made designs).

Last year we sent cards from the road to people who’d sent us cash support (and I may well do that again) but it did take a while for me to remember to write them, go get stamps, find a mailbox, let alone wait while the US Postal Service and Royal Mail worked their magic.

So I’ll be sending one special card per day for the 30 days that I’m away – now all I’ve got to do is work out who to send them to… hmmm….



Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman