Preparing to Wander

So the plan as of today is to set off at the end of this month without any fixed abode for the following three months at least and to review what I do next after 2 months.  That means July, August and September definitely on the road and to make a decision at the beginning of September about what to do next.  

Immediately I’m reminded that that time of year is not a good one for finding rental property as you’re up against hordes of students starting college, so that’s something to bear in mind.

Thinking then about what I need to do this month:

  • Throw away a lot of stuff
  • Decide what to keep in storage and how to store
  • Work out what clothes I’m going to take with me
  • Find a good backpack/rucksack
  • Get a light but tough ukulele gig bag (preferably with built-in live-streaming!)
  • Sort out a mailing address
  • Close down all utility & household accounts
  • Work out some rules/guidelines for making choices
  • Set up some online system for people offering accommodation/work/things to do

What else?

Well some nice-to-have’s would be a new phone and lightweight laptop but I can manage for the time being.

There’s more, but this will do for now…

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