Expectations & Conversation Starters

We expect finished, polished product.  For a long time, only the polished was worth publishing – just from a cost point of view.  And so people think {if published, then polished}.

In truth the cost hasn’t necessarily been removed completely, but we as producers have externalised it, we’ve moved the cost of replication and distribution to the internet and we’ve shifted the cost of re-writing, re-thinking, re-working and polishing to our “readers”

And so now as a “reader” I can no longer rely on publication as a marker.

And as a producer, I have to put up with “readers” complaining that they don’t understand my work that it doesn’t seem thought through.  Because it isn’t.  And actually their complaints are part of the process.

If we’re telling a story, we’ve learned that it should have a beginning, a middle and and end.  Unless of course we twist that and say “this story has no beginning” or “this story has no end”. Then it’s not a story – it’s a conversation starter – isn’t it?

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“social media experts” – fun with emphasis

I think of very different groups of people under:

social media experts

“social media experts”

“social” media experts

social “media” experts

social media “experts”

“social media” experts

social “media experts”

“social” media “experts”???



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Shh! don’t tell anyone, but the wankers have gone!

I stopped opening up my RSS reader a while ago.  I don't know how long ago, but I'm pretty sure it was last year sometime.  It was just too much on top of everything I saw in Twitter and Facebook.  Most blog posts I wanted to read were being lost in the noisy flood of people saying very little, badly.  I tried unsubscribing, cutting down my list but it was a bit like cutting down my twitter following – what if? what if? what if? What if, what? What if a miracle happened and one of these wankers actually said something interesting?  Well yes.  It could happen. Couldn't it?

I took the leap and just stopped opening it.  Removed it from the array of tabs that always greet me.  Focused on spotting the neat stuff in my streams, but really focused on just writing and making my own bits and pieces.

This morning over coffee I thought "I wonder what's in there…" and had a look.  I'm transported back 10 years.  The most recent twenty posts or so are from @charlesfrith, @russelldavies, @euan, @gapingvoid, @davewiner – Punk Planning, The Obvious, Gapingvoid, Scripting News, um… Russell's blog – real blogs written by real guys, each with something really interesting and different to say.

No "social media experts" in sight.  It's OK folks, perhaps they've gone…

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