On Snark

I posted this comment to Andrea Phillips’s blog in response to her post about snarky criticism of Rebecca Black.  I don’t think we need to draw a line between whose work deserves to be beaten up online and whose doesn’t – I think the question is really why we think it helps anybody.  I thought I’d written before about this (it came up a lot at the start of podcasting 2004/5 when everyone was saying “I would listen to podcasts if they weren’t crap”) and I would say “Look this is an emerging form where people are learning new skills, you wouldn’t tell your 3-year-old to go away and not show you any pictures until they’d learned that the sky and the ground touch each other.  Anyway, this is what I wrote tonight.  Then realised it should really have been a post on my own blog.  That’s because I’m a bit crap at this stuff still…

“I’m really not convinced of the value of snark to anyone but the snarker (who are generally people afraid of putting their own art there) and their sniggering friends (who are generally people too afraid to start snarking).

I’ve long argued for an extension of the respect we show to 3-year-olds’ crayon scribbles to everyone else who’s just having a go at expressing themselves – especially in these new artistic forms that we’re bringing forth on the web.

Most people’s first blog post, first tweet, first podcast, whatever is highly likely to be crap, I know mine were. Some of us don’t get much better for some time. Get over it, we’re not doing it for anybody but ourselves.

Oh poo! This is a crap comment it really should be a blog post :P”

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Numbers numb

Thinking there's an instructive post to be written around there being more to the social web than Klout & Peer Index in the same way that there was more to blogging than Technorati.

Is there anything more to say than that? Probably, and the clue is in the title of this post.

Anyone care?

PS I of course think the something more is closely related to the stuff that I'm creating, discovering, uncovering, destroying while wandering

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