Differ & Repeat

Just got in from this at The Place.  

“A choreographic collection of live performance, film and installation” curated by my friend Joe Moran.  It’s on again tomorrow afternoon/evening.  It’s free.  Go and see it.

The live performance happens simultaneously in two studios, but pieces are repeated throughout the session.  The bits I felt I got to see properly were Singular, On The Off Chance and The Swarm Quintet all in Space Two.

Of these, I was completely seduced by Singular – I felt like I could have watched it all night.  Pairs of dancers intimately riffing off each other in a tremendous range of lines and shapes and rhythms while repeatedly moving around the room in sweeping circular paths.  Most of all they made me think of young wild animals taking sometimes clumsy, but often breathtakingly beautiful steps and strides and crawls around the room, paying equal attention to where they were going as to what the other was up to.  Charlie Ashwell and Stephanie McMann were the first pair I saw and I didn’t want them to stop.

Luckily they both also showed up in On The Off Chance together with Elisabeth Schilling, Rosalie Wahlfrid and Flora Wellesley Wesley, oh and a metronome.  Words are useless – I gasped and ooohed more than once but mostly when a moment of order just popped up out of the apparent chaos – a straight line, walking suddenly in time with the beat, which then broke off again in little syncopations.

Oh my…

No really, go and see it, you can drop in for as much or as little as you like – 1pm to 9pm tomorrow, Friday 17th July, The Place (Flaxman Terrace entrance), 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT Tube: Euston or King’s Cross. 

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First stop: Glasgow

So I’m handing in the keys to my flat by the evening of 29th June (2 weeks yesterday) and then I’ll be heading up to Glasgow for a few days with Martyn and Mary Clark.  As you can see, Martyn has plans!

From there (I’ll leave the Clarks on Sunday 3rd), I’m open to offers.  Anyone else in or around Glasgow? Or that other big city to the east?  I’ve an old school friend up in Dundee that I’d love to go see – never been that far north…

In fact apart from a wedding and a couple of business trips to Edinburgh I’ve not been in Scotland since 1970 – perhaps there’ll be time to pop to Strathaven and see what this place is like:


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Emergent creative collaboration from a simple ground


A simple and unoriginal experiment.  

Prepare the ground with a set of children’s magnetic letters arranged evenly and without order on a surface that people will pass regularly.  Stand back and see what happens.

A few observations:

1.  The first couple of arrangements were made within minutes of the letters showing up.

2.  The first arrangement was a greeting to The Creator (for it is I)

3.  “hello” soon became “hope”

4.  Nobody told anyone what to do or what not to do.  Nobody asked for permission.

5.  Strong personalities shine through.  Among the C4CC inner circle few could doubt the authorship of either “meow” or “granularity”

6.  As well as words a figurative structure appeared (just below the word kiwi in the fourth picture)  To me this is clearly a representation of a unicorn charging towards the right (or perhaps just deeper into the building) with an apple skewered on its horn.  The symbolism is obvious.

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