Emergent creative collaboration from a simple ground


A simple and unoriginal experiment.  

Prepare the ground with a set of children’s magnetic letters arranged evenly and without order on a surface that people will pass regularly.  Stand back and see what happens.

A few observations:

1.  The first couple of arrangements were made within minutes of the letters showing up.

2.  The first arrangement was a greeting to The Creator (for it is I)

3.  “hello” soon became “hope”

4.  Nobody told anyone what to do or what not to do.  Nobody asked for permission.

5.  Strong personalities shine through.  Among the C4CC inner circle few could doubt the authorship of either “meow” or “granularity”

6.  As well as words a figurative structure appeared (just below the word kiwi in the fourth picture)  To me this is clearly a representation of a unicorn charging towards the right (or perhaps just deeper into the building) with an apple skewered on its horn.  The symbolism is obvious.

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