Expectations & Conversation Starters

We expect finished, polished product.  For a long time, only the polished was worth publishing – just from a cost point of view.  And so people think {if published, then polished}.

In truth the cost hasn’t necessarily been removed completely, but we as producers have externalised it, we’ve moved the cost of replication and distribution to the internet and we’ve shifted the cost of re-writing, re-thinking, re-working and polishing to our “readers”

And so now as a “reader” I can no longer rely on publication as a marker.

And as a producer, I have to put up with “readers” complaining that they don’t understand my work that it doesn’t seem thought through.  Because it isn’t.  And actually their complaints are part of the process.

If we’re telling a story, we’ve learned that it should have a beginning, a middle and and end.  Unless of course we twist that and say “this story has no beginning” or “this story has no end”. Then it’s not a story – it’s a conversation starter – isn’t it?

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