I really enjoyed spending some time in the mornings out with Martyn & Mary’s boys.  We had a great game of cricket with an empty cider bottle for one wicket and a crushed milk carton at the other end. (We also had a quick game of pitch and putt another day as well as getting to play with the trainset!) 

It’s been a while since I wielded a lump of willow and I was never any good at it in the first place but I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much.  I did though come away a little sore in the shoulder after trying to show off my bowling technique.  At drama school I didn’t pay enough attention in the “how to fall while stage fighting” class and so ended up with two dislocated shoulders.  This injury very rarely gives me any problems in any of the work I do now.  Sometimes they get a bit sore if I sit typing for a long time in the same position, but that’s about it.  I just don’t do anything that requires me to wind my arm around in a full circle.  Showing young boys the correct way to bowl however requires full mobility – and I can do it, for perhaps 4 balls, but after that it starts burning and I can’t manage much more than an over without going “owie”, rubbing my shoulder and looking round for sympathy. Sympathy from pre-teens? Nah.

Luckily I can still run like the wind and catch a ball hurtling towards the boundary one-handed… pfffftt!

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