Solve it while I scramble

Today and tomorrow I’m doing a tour of innovation spaces in the Sheffield area as part of my participation in CollaboJam on Wednesday.  

I’ll be stopping over that evening but from Thursday morning I’m open to suggestions again.  There’s nothing to say I can’t stay somewhere else in Sheffield.  Or maybe somewhere nearby in Yorkshire or the East Midlands?  Or perhaps somewhere further afield again.  I have no commitments at the moment except to be at a family do in Shrewsbury on 23rd.

Would you like me to come and see you?  Do you have something useful for me to do, for which you might be able to cross my palm with silver?  Do you have a spare room or sofa or know someone who’d welcome a houseguest?  If you can answer most of these with a yes, please do get in touch: DM me on Twitter or Facebook, email me lloyd dot davis at gmail or give me a call 07919182825

Here’s some of the stuff I do, if you’re not sure.

Thank you!

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