Glasgow reflection

This trip is really whizzing by, I can’t believe it’s two weeks since we were wrapping up on recording Hopscotch Requiem in Martyn’s living room.  It’s really an amazing thing that Martyn did – getting 10 muso’s together who’d never met before and holding a space for us to collaborate and make something in such a short space of time.

He’s put the first mix on Soundcloud.  I can’t listen to it properly yet, it feels like the kind of thing that was great fun to do but is for other people to enjoy for now, I need a bit of distance or some time on my own with a good pair of headphones!  But if you’re into vaguely ambient, sometimes discordant, improvised noodling (or even if you’re not and want to know what that stuff sounds like) do take a listen and let me know what you think.

Maybe try Grocery List which is, y’know, the Clark’s grocery list and Requiem’n’stuff


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Next Stop?

I’m in Nottingham (right now in the @fibrecamp basement studio at Lacemarket House – very chilled and lovely) and staying in town at least until tomorrow.  I’m aiming to be back in London for Wednesday afternoon, I’ve a couple of things I want to do, I’m hoping to get to see Hugh MacLeod on Wednesday night and I think it’s about time I showed my face at Tuttle again.  Then I’m up to Shrewsbury for next weekend and my nephew’s 21st.  After that, it’s probably time to see my pals in Birmingham or Leeds.

So anyway. Ideas please for the next few days, Monday and Tuesday.  Something between here and London?  Probably not too far east or west, but I’m open to suggestions (ie Birmingham wouldn’t be too far west, but Wales might be this time)

I need to have a look at all those people who said “Let’s do something” when I first announced the trip, but whom I haven’t contacted since.  In the last week I’ve put three things in the diary for August: A spot of boat-sitting in Kent; the Dark Mountain Festival in Hampshire; and the Bude Jazz Festival in Cornwall at the end of the month.  I could do with a top-up of work in between, so anything you’ve got that might be a day or two, whether it requires face-to-face contact or not would be most welcome.

Originally posted on Lloyd’s posterous