Google+ is a drag

“Drag people to your circles to follow and share” No! too much hassle.  Give me a simpler way to categorize people – I’ve got 500 people sitting in my “Find and invite” list and 400 who’ve already added me.  Do I really have to drag and drop each one?  Is this the best interface they can come up with?

This thing is crying out for an API so that people who haven’t been intimately involved in it’s birth can think about how to add some value to real users with a large and diverse network.

I see the value of circles, of being able to slice and dice my social graph, for example, I’d like to be able to have geographic circles – automagically create one for a set of large cities that I give you – London, Birmingham, Leeds, Paris, San Francisco, Austin blah blah blah.  But go through my whole list and drag and drop them all in the right bucket? nuh-huh.

At least give me some keystrokes or alternative user interfaces to do mindless, repetitive tasks.  In fact, don’t bother, I can’t be arsed with the whole thing – I’ll maybe go back to it when it’s had the edges smoothed off.


Originally posted on Lloyd’s posterous