What I remembered in the holidays

My close friends are becoming tired of hearing about me taking the whole of August off from work to just be – be dad, be husband, be me. But it did me the power of good and helped me remember several things that I tend to forget when back in super-money-making-machine mode.

  • The world really has changed – connectedness is all, creativity and innovation are all.
  • I am connected to a very diverse network of people, so diverse it’s hard to keep up.
  • What makes me hirable is the sum of everything that I’ve done in the past and am capable of doing in the future – and that a traditional CV doesn’t give the flavour of real me (yum).
  • I write well, espeshully if I practice.
  • If I keep stuff in my head, no-one else knows about it – its my job to share it, it’s your choice whether it’s useful to you.
  • My old website gets boring as hell after the fourth read.
  • Although I feel like I’m part of the conversation, other people don’t think so until I open my mouth.
  • There are loads of things that I see and then forget where I saw them – and a blog is a perfect personal knowledge management tool.
  • It’s OK to turn up late to the party – what’s important is to show up and be the life and soul.

    Which brings me here, inspired by the folk on the left-hand side (special thanks to Euan out of whose mouth I first heard the word “blog”) and ready to go.

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    1. Lloyd, Welcome aboard the blogging train – I picked you up through your link to me in your blogroll. It would be great if you provided full-text feeds of your articles. (Need to change your RSS or Atom template.)

      Best, Jack

    2. Thanks Jack, and welcome to the PP comments hall of fame as first commenter.

      Unable to get my head immediately around the innards of the different formats, I’ve switched the link over to the Atom feed rather than the RSS 1.0 – this one defaults to full-text rather than the snippet you were experiencing.

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