Communications Competences (shudder)

The Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government has produced some research on it’s I&DeA knowledge site (Grrrr…annoying need to register to get at the goodies) about Communications functions in local councils.

I skimmed one on core competencies and one on who should run the website before getting a bit antsy – neither of them even mention blogs (not even “there are some dangerous individuals out there who suggest that we should all be talking to the public more often and they’ve got this tool of the devil called a blog. If someone tries to sell you one, call 999 and walk away from them, backwards while maintaining eye-contact”) and the one on the place of the website only really gets as far as saying, it’s not a technical task, it’s a business one….so give it to communications.

However in a great bit of joined up-ness, elsewhere on Knowledge there are some suggestions that blogging might be good for councillors at least.

I take this as a reminder that I’m storming up the hill and not looking back often enough to realise that everyone else is still having fun just struggling to get their shoes on.