New Publication – Global Knowledge Review

David Gurteen is launching a new publication:

“For some time I have felt the need for a publication that focused on
thought leadership in the fields of learning, creativity, innovation,
KM and personal development. My colleagues Clive Snell and Peter
Williams of Bizmedia with whom I run the Gurteen Knowledge Conferences
and Learning Events have also felt this need. So we are jointly
launching a new monthly journal “The Global Knowledge Review” (GKR).

Each month original thinkers from around the globe will give their
personal thoughts and reflections on knowledge and learning related
issues from the perspective of their geographical and cultural
backgrounds. The publication will be available on subscription and
distributed electronically. For more information and a free copy of the
first issue see:

If you subscribe before the end of September 2004, you will receive a
special introductory discount – 30% off the normal price.”

David’s conferences and knowledge cafes are always excellent and I expect no less from this venture – Go read.

TOC for Sample first issue available free at GKR

  • Welcome to the first issue
  • Everyday miracles – learning and the human condition
  • The future of KM – driving strategic renewal of organizations
  • What do knowledge workers want?
  • Trees versus webs
  • A wake up call for HR
  • Can we make the flow go?
  • Discovering the importance of leadership and coaching
  • How ready is your organisation for KM?
  • Personally speaking
  • Briefing
  • Getting to know you ice-breakers
  • TFPL page
  • End piece