Distraction in the office

I’m increasingly distracted today by a conversation that’s been going on a few cubicles away (I use a serviced office with lots of hotdesks) about e-mail marketing.

They’ve been going on and on about the ways you can get round spam-filters and make sure you get through to people; fooling people into opting-in to stuff just to get the message through; getting whitelisted IP addresses. The most important thing seems to be getting their message (I think they’re promo-ing a gambling site) into someone’s inbox. Forget the fact that even if it gets through the filter, everyone’s got a delete button. Forget that by doing this and chasing people, you turn people even further off from using your service and maybe online services in general.

I just keep thinking “Why, why, why are you putting so much effort into contacting people who don’t want to hear from you.”

And better to think it and blog it than to go round there and poke my nose in directly