Getting back on the KM track

Recently I’ve been meaning to get this blog firmly back on the wider KM track. I’ve been particularly passionate about weblogging, tagging and borderline obsessive about podcasting (you probably didn’t notice…) but returning to David Gurteen‘s Knowledge Cafe tonight after a few months of not attending reminded me that these cool tools are just ways in which we do the important stuff, which is about how we manage the organisation of people. I resolve to make more links in future back to this core – yes making podcasts is cool, but I’m much more interested in using them in an organisational context, to improve corporate communications for example, than I am in becoming an amateur radio presenter.

The Knowledge Cafe tonight was pretty much a re-run of the networking session that Mick Cope did at the Gurteen Conference a little while ago – I had to leave dead on 8pm and so perhaps there were more insights in the after-exercise plenary, but it was also a useful, if wearing, opportunity to get up and think about giving and getting in a networking situation and to make some new, useful contacts, particularly for Public Service Conversations.

I guess the insight for me was that I rarely go into that sort of situation expecting to give AND to receive – I either call someone for help, and am entirely focused on my need, not expecting to have to give something in return, or else I call someone to offer help but am not open to how they might be able to help me out. I think I have quite a good handle on what I can offer people, but it seems to me that a useful exercise would be to have an ongoing wish-list – things I want that I can’t create on my own, but which someone else might have a surplus of, for those times when just such a person happens along.