From the sublime…

Baaaato, well not really the ridiculous – it was for charidee after all (and so naturally I don’t want to talk about it) – but it certainly was surreal.

After starting the day so well (see below), I popped over to South Kensington with my friend Helen to attend London’s first Sheep Race. There weren’t any real sheep in South Ken, natch, but we were treated to lunch and recorded highlights of a race that took place last week in the Welsh borders. We were reminded several times that this was London’s first Sheep Race, were spared too many jokes about sheep and randy Welshmen and happily got to give Children with Leukemia some money – overall the event raised just over £1,000.

In through the ears, and out through the fingers

A good morning for podcast listening on the train into London.

First up Morning Coffee Notes for April 14th from Dave Winer, in which he answers questions for Robert Scoble and Shel Israel about how and why he started blogging and what was the story with the creation of RSS, oh yeah and remembers he hasn’t paid his taxes…yet.

Then into Bicycle Mark‘s first Portugese-only Audio Communique #27 – “fantastica”…was just one of the words I managed to understand – but why does he talk about Madge so much – madge this, madge that. My experience of Portuguese (apart from my inability to spell it straight off – keep forgetting the second u, putting it in and then taking it out again) is that some words are easier to understand written down and some are easier to understand when spoken – so perhaps I’d be able to understand more of a film with subtitles – don’t know until you try.

Finally an IT Conversations/Tech Nation with Moira Gunn interviewing Keith Devlin from Stanford University about innate mathematical ability in humans and many other animals. It’s a really interesting conversation that walks the line between saying “Well….duh!” and “Hey there’s probably something interesting in this” Bonus point – Keith Devlin has a similar Northern English accent (at least to my ear) to David Gurteen – Now I’ll find that one’s from Liverpool and the other one’s from Hull!


I [heart] BBC

Seven Quid TV StampPeople coming to live in the UK from elsewhere, particularly Americans, are often astounded by the TV Licence, which is how we fund the BBC. For some it confirms their idea that we’re all submissive, unimaginative and just a bit dim when it comes to commercial opportunities, for others it looks like yet another communistic bit of state-sponsored theft.

So, just putting aside for a moment the fact that I hear a lot of Americans saying that they’d do anything to have TV and Radio without pushy advertising (but presumably, like Meatloaf, they wouldn’t do *that*) and the huge cultural benefit and joy I’ve had from BBC productions all through my life, here’s one example of why I don’t mind paying for my TV licence one bit; and here’s another

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