Et bonsoir mes amis

So I’m in Gay Purreee for LesBlogs. Arrived at Gare du Nord at 17h00 and took a far too leisurely stroll down to my hotel in the 6th – not too bad a distance in a city that you know well, but I’ve never walked around in Paris in my life. So ended up being late for dinner with my brother’s girlfriend but not too late for a delicious Roti de porc farci au duxellois (dunno what farci or duxellois are but it was delicious) and the company and conversation were lovely too.

Slight grrrs because the electric adapters I bought in London don’t work (they haven’t a requisite hole) and I told them specifically where I was going. Luckily the hotel reception is well stocked, but the chap looked a little shocked when I asked for two – one for my laptop, one for my minidisc of course.

Other grrr is that since my last trip abroad (shows how infrequently I travel) vodafone seem to have introduced a “roaming bar” that I didn’t know about and therefore did nothing about and so my mobile won’t connect.

Ahh well, a whole day of frogblogs tomorrow. Photos will be on flickr tagged lesblogs. I hope to be live blogging as long as my battery holds out/I can leech power and I shall be gathering audio for a conference podcast and also planning a podwalk for Tuesday morning.

Bath and sleep, registration starts at 08h00!!

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