le soir de lesblogs

Well I’m shattered, so I don’t know how anyone who’s been more actively involved in today is feeling!

There were good bits in the afternoon, but it still felt like sitting in on someone else’s conversation.

In the nanopublishing (I don’t get it, why is it called nano, what’s nano about it?) session the panel (esp Jason Calacanis) engaged more with the backchannel which was projected onto the main screen with people calling them out as they spoke on what their business models were – clearly some old grudges being played out here and some business rivalry too. There was also some to-and-fro on the journalist v blogger argument – are bloggers wannabe journalists? Wouldn’t journalists like to taste some of the freedoms of blogging, and get paid for it?

Then the blogads user survey – I took the opportunity to nap through an advertisement for advertisement – sorry.

I didn’t wake up well for Traditional Media Strikes back (reps from the Guardian, Skyblogs, Le Monde & Jochen from Focus magazine – a lot of stick for Le Monde on the back channel and the poor guy Yann was obviously struggling with his spoken English and this experience of having crosstalk while you’re on stage.

Yossi Vardi came and went – I never was one for ICQ.

Then a thought-provoking piece from Yat Siu and Hoder on, well socio-political effects I guess – Hoder on the use of blogs in Iran and about Iranian affairs and Yat Siu having to sum up “everything about Asia” (!) in about 15 minutes. Good stuff, but could have come earlier when we were fresher.

Doc Searls gave a great finishing keynote, talking about why we shouldn’t talk about content, consumers, audiences – because blogs are “writing” and should be thought of as a form of speech (which can be free) rather than media (which needs to be managed).

And after a quick supper (I couldn’t wait till 9.00pm!!) I write this and then off to L’Alcazar for more mingling.


Lunch at Lesblogs

Great (if sparse) lunch here – lots of chances for stimulating conversations, I talked to Lee Bryant, Anu Gupta, Loic LeMeur, Euan Semple, Martin Dugage (briefly) and Doc Searls – got lots of audio for a podcast for later – will need editing down. Lots of talk about the format and how we could/should do something different in London – but also about the range of people and how difficult it is to pitch presentations. These are just my first impressions and I’m sure more mature reflection will show that it’s really not that bad at all – it’s a great opportunity to meet people I read everyday and even some who read me – and Loic has done a fantastic job here – wifi, backchannel, good control of the main screen during talk sessions, I don’t want to play that down at all, it just doesn’t feel bloggy enough – but as I said to Euan, you have to do it this way in order to know that you’d like to do it differently.

I think there’s also a huge diversity of experience and understanding here. There are guys who’d been blogging 4 years when I started. There are people who have no blog. There are people who weren’t quite sure what a blog is – let’s hope they are sure now.


morning from lesblogs

LoicLeMeur Wiki – Internet 2.0

Took us some time to get in, I arrived at 8.30 and there was already quite a line didn’t get seated until 9.15 and Joi Ito got started around 9.45 – you can see some of the people who arrived in the line before me and those after me on flickr.

so far we’ve had Joi, Caterina Fake, Meg Hourhan, Barak & Charlie, some corporate bloggers where I tuned out and now Ross, Lee and Euan are talking about social software.

my battery may die soon so don’t know how long I’ll manage. Also had no coffee since breakfast.

Lee is showing a slide saying traditional enterprise software bad, social software good. Nobody has mentioned yet the irony of the format – 3 smart guys talking to 200 smart guys and gals.