Lunch at Lesblogs

Great (if sparse) lunch here – lots of chances for stimulating conversations, I talked to Lee Bryant, Anu Gupta, Loic LeMeur, Euan Semple, Martin Dugage (briefly) and Doc Searls – got lots of audio for a podcast for later – will need editing down. Lots of talk about the format and how we could/should do something different in London – but also about the range of people and how difficult it is to pitch presentations. These are just my first impressions and I’m sure more mature reflection will show that it’s really not that bad at all – it’s a great opportunity to meet people I read everyday and even some who read me – and Loic has done a fantastic job here – wifi, backchannel, good control of the main screen during talk sessions, I don’t want to play that down at all, it just doesn’t feel bloggy enough – but as I said to Euan, you have to do it this way in order to know that you’d like to do it differently.

I think there’s also a huge diversity of experience and understanding here. There are guys who’d been blogging 4 years when I started. There are people who have no blog. There are people who weren’t quite sure what a blog is – let’s hope they are sure now.