Night of the long noses part II

All Marketers are LiarsSo after Seth Godin had sat down, crumpled in a heap after his marathon hour and a half talking and answering questions, I popped around the room to find out what people in the audience thought.

Quite a few people left straight away (well it was after 9pm – gasp!) but I’m sure you’ll agree a significant part of the cream of the crop remained. Here you can hear from (roughly in order of appearance):

Geoff Jones, Rachel Clarke (saying hello again and nothing else), Paul Birch, Michael Smith, Robert Loch, Helen Keegan and Sarah Williamson, Alistair Shrimpton (sorry still on 3.17 here) and Simon Christy, Max Niederhofer, Loic Le Meur, Andrew Carton, Alison Whelan, Andy Bell, Matt Drought, Feena Coleman, Deirdre Molloy, Charles (?), Mark Rogers.

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4 thoughts on “Night of the long noses part II”

  1. I’m sure it can be a bit intimidating.

    At this time of night, I’m afraid I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t come out as a double entendre, so I’ll stick to thanking you for saying “Hello” so nicely :0)

  2. Flemming, you’re very welcome, I’m glad they’re of use. I was just going to e-mail you to let you know that they were there as I was sorry not to see you on the night.


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